BBO Introduces BBO Web-Festival!

We are taking BBO Wine Festival to your home!  Every month we will be offering 20 – 30 wines at HOT BBO WINE FESTIVAL PRICES! 

We are constantly looking for wines from all different varietals that offer great taste, great value, and most of all GREAT PRICE.  Like our Wine Festival, we are now offering wines we find to you as soon as we find them, AT BBO WINE FESTIVAL PRICES!  As you know from going to our wine festivals, the wines are great, and the prices are the best you will find on those items anywhere.  The pricing will depend on the vendor promotion dates, but when we get the price break, so will you (no other store discounts may apply to these prices) and as an extra bonus, you will earn BBO REWARD POINTS on all web festival purchases.

SO VISIT OUR Web Festival SHOP, BROWSE, AND PLACE YOUR ORDER, and we will have your order ready for you to pick up.  All done on-line.  We will need your email address to communicate and process your orders.  As always, we never sell or release email addresses to anyone

Can’t taste them? Look and order one of our SAMPLER PACKS, so you can bring one of each home to try them.