Mary Taylor La Mancha Macabeo 2022

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La MAncha is a beautifully concentrated, earthy and elegant Macabeo, unadulterated.  Stone fruit hints and a fixating minerality result in an uplifting, pleasant sipper.


Low yield, early harvest and organic practices (no herbicide, native yeast, low sulfur) lead for a beautifully concentrated but also earthy and elegant Macabeo. Our MTW team stopped by in late November 2021 and we talked through a number of tanks, looking for the rawest, most ‘crunchy’ unadulterated style. There is a tendency of heavy filtration and clarification in this area, and working together we were able to urge our dear new friends to avoid such practices. It’s wonderful that they understand the harm of chemicals in the vineyards and now we look for less touch, more nature, in the winery.